Wild Thoughts

If you’re a big fan of DJ Khaled then you’ve probably seen his “Wild Thoughts” video featuring Rihanna & Bryson Tiller. Rihanna’s looks were super cute and it seems like whenever she wears a particular item she makes it look way cooler.

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The first look we see in the video is Rihanna wearing a vintage orange sheer Betsey Johnson crop top with green floral leggings & the boots to match from Balenciaga’s Spring 2017 collection. She tops it off with a pink floral scarf,  green Versace belt, & Karen Walker sunglasses. This look is so spring/summer & very colorful.


The second look we seen was Rihanna wearing Alberta Ferritti’s blue Water The Sky Dress. The dress is super cute & I do think the model didn’t sell it as good as Rihanna did however it’s still beautiful on both. The sandals she wore was from her collaboration with Manolo Blahnik.

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The very last Rihanna look from “Wild Thoughts” is her wearing yellow cargo pants & the matching nylon crop top from Matthew Adams Dolan’s Spring 2017 collection. The pants are super huge & if you take a look at Dolan’s collection, you’ll see over sized clothes is his signature. We can’t see her shoes but if she was even wearing any I bet those were cute too.

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Below I’ve put together some “Wild Thoughts” Rihanna inspired looks that anyone can achieve for less. Check them out!


FullSizeRender (004)

So this is look is inspired by the yellow set Rihanna wore in the last scenes of the video. I couldn’t see her shoes (if she even had any on lol) but I added some & added a bag & earrings as well.

Top: Pretty Little Thing

Bottoms: Thred Up

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Bag: Dorothy Perkins

Lipstick: Dollskill

Earrings & Necklace: Bling Jewelry, Charlotte Russe


FullSizeRender (002)

So of course this look is inspired by the infamous blue Alberta Ferritti dress Ri Ri wore.

Dress: Asos

Shoes: Pretty Little Thing

Bag: Stylethred

Earrings: Nordstrom

Eye shadow: Etsy

Lipstick: Dollskill


And the very last look! 🙂 I didn’t come across some floral leggings to closely match the Balenciaga leggings Ri wore so I substituted for orange high waist skinny trousers.

Look 1

Top: Pretty Little Thing

Bottoms: Yoox

Boots: Simmi

Lipstick: Dollskill

Earrings: Nordstrom

Scarf: Amazon

Sunglasses: Zaful


Tell me what you guys think! 😉









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