Summer Trends

With summer approaching here are some trendy trends that you will most likely see on everyone 🙂


  1. T-Shirt Dress

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T-shirt dress are making a comeback people! It’s crazy when you’ve lived to see fashion trends make a full 360 lol. T-shirt dresses are pretty much these over-sized dresses that look like t-shirts. The above t-shirts dresses are from Missguided and Boohoo. T-shirt dresses are very affordable and can be found almost anywhere.


2. Bralette

Bralette’s are so cute and can be so versatile as well. You can wear with a jacket or sweater or just by itself. The bralettes above are from Boohoo and Missguided.


3. Denim Skirts

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Denim skirts are another trend that went away and came back. I love distressed mini denim skirts and denim pencil skirts. The above skirts are from Fashion Nova and Missguided.


4. Neon/Bright Colors

During the summer, looking bright is always trendy. The brighter the better! These outfits are from Boohoo and Fashion Nova.


5. Slogan/Graphic Tees

boohoo slogan tee

Slogan and graphic tees are so poppin’ right now. You can find them literally everywhere and of course they’re inexpensive. These shirts are from Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo.


6. Gladiator/Knee High Sandals

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Gladiator/knee high sandals are always super cute and you can wear them with anything. You can find these sandals at Lulus (gold pair) and Target (black).


7. Stripes!


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Lastly we have stripes! Bold stripes are super dope and bright. Stripes were also seen at Fashion Week and they were beautiful. You can find stripes from everywhere and it can be a dress, skirt, shirt, etc.



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